How To Trim Aloe Plant?


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Well, first I would check they have all sorts of information on plants

I don't think you can really trim an Aloe Plant, I looked around for a bit, but didn't see much on google.  I mean, I know you can trim / break leaves off, but I have never heard of anyone trimming those kinds of plants.

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    Things you will need:Knife and pruning shears.

    Pruning Smaller Aloe

  1. Step1
    Take off an outer leaf. Healthy green (or other natural color of the aloe) leaves can be taken off the outside of the plant to keep it from growing too large. Aloe vera leaves can be pruned for the aloe gel inside. Take care not to nick or cut adjoining leaves as this will slow their growth. Pull an outside leaf down and away from the other leaves and slice or snip the leaf as close to the base as possible.

    Aloe gel is used on a wide variety of skin ailments including minor burns, insect bites, sunburn, sores, rashes, conjunctivitis and others.
  2. Step2
    Prune dead and dying leaves. Leaves on the outside that are turning yellow can indicate that the aloe plant has outgrown its pot. Remove these leaves to relieve crowding.

    Dead leaves on the inside can also be an indication of overcrowding, disease, or insect infestation. Remove these as carefully as possible and consider treating the plant or re-potting it in a larger pot.
  3. Step3
    Remove offshoots. Offshoots spread out from the base of the parent plant and look like miniature aloe plants. Offshoots are one way aloe plants naturally propagate. Each offshoot will mature into an adult plant so they should be removed to prevent overcrowding the parent plant. Offshoots can be replanted in another pot.
  4. Pruning Larger Varieties

  5. Step1
    Remove dead or dying leaves. Cut the leaves as close to the base as possible. Larger leaves may require a bow saw.
  6. Step2
    Remove the offshoots. To keep your outdoor aloe from taking over the rest of the yard or garden, you have to remove the offshoots. Cut these free from the main plant and remove them completely including the roots.
  7. Step3
    Remove the rosette. Large outdoor varieties of aloe like the American aloe, also known as the century plant, produce giant flower stalks known as rosettes. These can be up to 30 feet high and the rosette will die soon after flowering. The rosette will fall over and can be a hazard unless it is removed carefully.

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