Can I Cook Aloe Vera?


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Aloe Vera has many benefits, it is normally used to heal injuries such as minor burnt, hives and rashes. Most of the times, we just cut the leaves, slice it in half and apply the inner part directly on the injured skin.

The Chinese believe it is good too to cleanse our internal body system. And we could actually cook it too.

Here is a simple receipe to make a delicious and healthy aloe vera chicken soup.

Take three 3 big aloe vera leaves, remove the outer part of the leaves.

Skin and remove any fat of half a chicken, then chopped into chunky pieces.

Lightly crush some (about 15) white peppercorns.

Take three Chinese red dates, remove the stones inside.

First, boil the chicken with the peppercorns, red dates and about 1.5 litre of water , when the water is boiling, lower the fire to simmer for 1–1½ hours.

After that, add the aloe vera slices and continue to simmer for an extra 30 minutes.

Add some salt according to taste., Serve the soup hot with a warm bowl of steamed rice.

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