Is gravity and the planets real?


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I certainly hope so.  I've lived on a planet for many decades, and I really don't want to fall off.

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Didge Doo
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It's OK for you to boast, Janis, but what about we who live on the flip side? We're forever falling off and having to fight our way back. >:-/
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Gravity of planets, may be a misapplication. Gravity is what planets form in the surrounding fabric of their nearby space. Planets may not necessarily have gravity but cause it in the space they occupy. As an example; standing on or in a trampoline we would not say the indentation of you but of the trampoline. Being in the trampoline does not add to or give anything to the person present but it is the person that changes the shape or position of the tarp of the trampoline. Gravity is real, but it is the planets that warp and wrap around themselves the fabric of space caused as gravity that they affect.

Gravity has both a pulling and push affect on matter and, in extreme cases like black holes, on energy.

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No, gravity is a myth, as any Australian could tell you.

We live down under and if we didn't all have magnets in our shoes we'd fall off and disappear into outer space.

You can understand this better if you look at the kangaroo phenomenon. Kangaroos don't jump UP, they jump DOWN. Every time they fall off the planet they have to jump back down and the clever beasties have turned that into a unique form of forward motion. Evolution at work!

And koalas? Well, have you ever wonder why they climb gum trees and cling to them with all four paws? Survival. They never learned to jump so they have to hang on like grim death.

Hope this helps.

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No, Gravity, just like evolution, is just a theory. It was made up by scientist to explain why Aussies don't fall out into space, but as Didge points out they use magnets on their shoes.

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