Should government ban gasoline(petrol) and diesel and highly subsidies electric vehicles and solar panels to save global warming?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Great Idea ! But ! The big oil companies own everything and just about everyone who could even try to make that decision. Maybe someday but sure not during my lifetime.

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Daniel Dey
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Right! We can also impose heavy tax on oil and subsidies electric power generating equipment forcing oil companies to switch.
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The difficulty is that if we all chose to drive electric cars tomorrow we'd still have to get the electricity from somewhere.

Most electricity worldwide is still produced by burning fossil fuels. If, one day in the future most electricity is produced using renewable sources, then the utopia of electric cars and pollution-free cities might come to pass.

As a couple of people here have already noted, the oil companies won't want that. That is why they are employing "experts" to trash the whole idea of renewable energy sources.

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Daniel Dey
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Now consider poor countries like India where I live, we have 30% which are 10 years old and 30% 5 years old, new onces are only 6-7% plus many public transports are running on unpollution tested vehicles.
Ray Dart
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I know India well, and your government is gradually getting rid of the old polluting diesel buses. New vehicles arriving will be better. I know that India is a major polluter (as is China) but it is caused mainly by industry (no matter how pollution-laden are your city streets).
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Yes you are right.
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Oil is king here in texas  it may happen thirty years down the road

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Should the government ban it. No, they've done enough to stifle free enterprise. Should we find a better alternative? Absolutely! We should always work toward a better and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Should we do it in the name of Climate Change? No. Why? Climate Change is nothing but a government narrative to advance their broken agenda.

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