are vultures saprophyte?


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No, they are scavengers. They have alimentary canals and digest the scavenged food in typical digestive fashion.

Saprophytes use external enzymes to break down the material they use for food, then they ingest the food. 

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Vultures are scavengers as they feed upon dead animals.  Saprotrophs is the correct word instead of
saprophytes because “phytes” means plants.

They are not considered as saprotrophs since saprotrophs
take their nutrition from dead and decaying matter by dissolving them and
absorbing through their body surface.

Vultures do not use this method so they are not classified
under saprotrophs.

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As usual you do not know what you are talking about. It is correct to ask if vultures are saprophytes, as that is a classification of an organism. Saprotroph refers to the mechanism of ingestion.

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