Why use liposomes in agricultural industry? What role does liposome play in agricultural industrial production?


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he unique value of liposomes in agricultural industry is that they can be made into model as research substitute to emulate more complex natural systems. For example, in the study of plant transport processes, liposomes serve as a model system for cellular membranes to investigate protein functionality including osmotic and pH tolerance. Liposomes can also become a model in the studies of transmembrane metabolism in plant organelles. Similarly, they can also be used in studies on pollen drying tolerance, toxin and pesticide attack on plants - liposomes are used as new carriers for slow or delayed release formulations of commercially available insecticides, which are more environmentally safe and can help the uptake of active agent into the plant's vascular system. On the other hand, biosensors based on liposome are developed to detect pesticides directly in foods and drinking water . In addition, liposomes are proven tools in veterinary to prolong the bioactivity of vaccines and anti-antibiotics.

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