Where Is Bdellium Found?


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Bdellium is a fragrant gum like resin which is very similar to the aromatic myrrh. The word Bdellium is derived from bdolkon, a Greek word of Semitic origin.

Bdellium can be found in the trees belonging to the genus of Commiphora. More specifically it may be extracted from the Balsamodendron tree which is of the incense-tree family.

Owing to its strong resemblance to myrrh, it is not surprisingly to see that, Bdellium is frequently used in the preparation of quality perfumes. In addition Bdellium is also a component in several medicines.

Bdellium also finds mention in the Bible, particularly in some Old Testament passages, proving that far from being a new discovery, it was popular even in Biblical times. Further evidence of this fact is that the book of Genesis the very first book of the Bible mentions Bdellium.

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