How Is Global Warming Happening World Wide As Well As Locally(South Africa)?


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Global Warming, is happening all around the world, including South Africa, due to the greenhouse effect, which is caused by gases trapped in a band around the earth. Which causes temperatures to rise resulting all kinds of knock on effects.

The first indications were a change in the seasons, for example hotter drier summers, wetter shorter and warmer winters. These changes affect the whole natural world. What this means is, spring will come earlier, plants put out their new shoots one month or more earlier. So that the animal kingdom, which in turn reacts to these subtle signs, is confused.

The polar bears,who rely on a freeze up and long periods of hibernation,to produce and suckle their young to survival age before they emerge, can not achieve this with this year's conditions. It also affects their diet, which comprises seal and walrus.The breeding grounds of seals and penguins off the coast of South Africa, have also been affected.

The extreme floods experienced in different parts of the world recently have also been attributed to the effects of Global Warming.

We burn millions of tons of fossil fuels each year, the smoke containing fine particles, creates this layer that is warming up our earth. Scientists are speaking, but many governments have been slow to act, and are reluctant to reintroduce the prospect of other forms of power.
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Perhaps and perhaps not. There at this time is no scientific evidence to support the theory that man has caused a change in the earths climate. There are a lot of computer models around, but so far the dire predictions they have made have not come to pass. There is a recent discovery however that the sun is hotter now than it has been and is a study to watch. If global warming is caused by man, then what caused the end of the last ice age? Campfires? I think not, it would be a lot better if some shred of evidence were presented before we all go off and buy a half baked theory.
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Pollution is one cause, I believe.
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In your area the droughts are more often and more sever. Your ocean is suffering bad. Your temperature is changing, and affecting plants and animals, to name a few!
It's for real!
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To be honest I think it is the gasses and pollution that has caused it so to be honest people are to blame for driving cars

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