What Countries Does Algeria Border?


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The countries bordering Algeria are Libya to the east, Tunisia which is to the northeast. Bordering Algeria to the southeast is Niger, while Mali and Mauritania border the country to the southwest. On the western borders you will find Morocco and a bit of the Western Sahara.

It is interesting to note that Algeria is the second biggest country to be found on the African continent. Constitutionally speaking, Algeria may be classified as an Islamic, Arab, as well as Amazigh (Berber) country.

Algiers is not only the capital of Algeria but also its largest city. The country of Algeria is presently divided into1,541 baladiyahs (that is, municipalities), 553 dairas (that is, counties) and 48 wilayas (that is, provinces). The official language of Algeria is Arabic.

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Tunisia from the north east, Libya from the south east, Niger, Mali and Mauritania from the south and Marocco from the west.
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Morocco, Libya , Niger,Mali, Tunisia & Mauritania

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