Where Is Oran?


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Oran is the name of a port city. It is located in the north-western part of Algeria. It is the second largest city in Algeria. It is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Oran has an approximate population of about 701, 000.

The local name of the city of Oran is pronounced as Wahran. This is the name of the city in the Arabic language. During the time of the French colonial rule in Algeria, the city of Oran was the prefecture of the Oran department. It is now the capital of the much smaller province of Oran, which is known in the local language (Arabic) as the wilaya of Oran.

The city of Oran was founded by the Moorish traders from the region of Andalusia who arrived in Algeria in the tenth century. The modern-day city of Oran is an important commercial centre and a major seaport. It also has a university.

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