What Is The Difference Between A Country And A Continent?


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A continent is a large land mass whose borders are defined by oceans. A country is defined mainly by geo-political borders.
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The difference between a continent, a country and a city: A continent is the world's main continuous expanses of land, made up of countries. A country is a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. A city is a large town within a country.
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The whole earth has been divided by humans into political areas of influence like villages,cities. Now these villages and cities combine to become a country that is politically a single entity. But a continent on the other hand is an entity comprising of several countries.
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Yes Like Europe includes Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Similarly

Countries are India, Sri Lank

Some people say Australia is a Continent, its wrong because Australia doesn't include
Indonesia, New Zea land, they all are independent countries !

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