What Is The Most Populated Country In The World Nowadays?


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The world's most populated country is China, which has nearly 1.3 billion citizens. China is followed by India with just over 1 billion citizens and the United States, which with nearly 300 million people stands at a very distant third place.

If you are interested in the world's most crowded countries, these are not usually those with the largest populations. In this category, countries are ranked based on how dense the population is. As such, the most densely populated country is Monaco, which is also one of the smallest, with 42,649.3 people per square mile. Monaco is followed by Singapore, which has 18,476.1 residents per square mile. Malta, another small country, finds itself in third place with 3,205.6 per square mile. Interestingly, neither China nor India are found in the list of the world's top ten most crowded countries. This is because in both cases, their territorial size, or land mass is quite large.
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China and India

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