What Countries Make Up The Continent Of North America?


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From the north of the continent, the countries included are:

*United States of America
*Dominican Republic
*Puerto Rico
*Antigua and Barbuda
*St Lucia
*St Kitts & Nevis
*St Vincent and the Grenadines
*El Salvador
*Costa Rica
*Trinidad and Tobago
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This is wrong. Guatemala, Beliz, Hounduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago are from different places some of them are from Central America. Before you lie to someone you should get all your facts striaght.
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Yes, some of the countries are in Central America, however, Central America is in the North American Continent. There is no Continent called Central America.
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1. Canada
2. The United States of America
3. Mexico
4. The Bahamas
5. Cuba
6. Haiti
7. The Dominican Republic
8. Belize
9. Guatemala
10. Honduras
11. El Salvador
12. Nicaragua
13. Costa Rico
14. Panama
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Mexico america canada central america
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All the countries in Central America
United States
All the countries in the Carribean
I think Venezuela is considered to be in South America

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