Why Is It Very Cold Near The North And South Poles?


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Because of lack of sunlight, both the poles are quite cold throughout the year and are always covered by snow. During the summer months, the North Pole has twenty-four hours of daylight every day and during the winter months, the North Pole has twenty-four hours of darkness every day. North Pole has a bit more temperature than South Pole and the thickness of the ice is so high. Similarly North Pole is at sea level in the middle of an ocean while South Pole is in the middle of a continental land mass. The temperature at South Pole is around - 25 degree Celsius. The highest temperature ever recorded at South Pole is -14 degree Celsius. The winter and summer temperature are from - 43 degree Celsius to - 26degree Celsius and at freezing point respectively.

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The reason why it is so cold in the south pole, and the north pole,
is because - the ray's on the sun have to be spread out to even reach the North/South Pole.
And when they are spread out they are not as warm, as when the are concentrated.
This is why it is so hot near the equator,
because the sun rays are so close, and are concentrated/ not spread out.
I hope this answered your question :D
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Because it does not get as much sun light.

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