Which Is Coldest: The North Or South Pole?


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The South Pole is actually much colder than the North Pole (about 30 degrees Celsius colder in fact).
The North Pole has no land, it consists solely of ice floating in the Artic Ocean. Warm water from the Atlantic travels up towards the Artic (particularly during recent times) so the sea there never completely freezes. The air temperature is often well below zero but it is nowhere near the minus 70 degrees Celsius which is experienced at the South Pole.
Antarctica has a land mass, which inhibits the flow of warm water from the oceans reaching it, hence why it is considerably cooler than the North Pole.
However, contrary to common belief, very little snow falls on both Poles, although when it does fall in Antarctica it falls on cold land and so freezes solid and rarely melts. In some places the ice is thought to be about 1.5 miles deep.

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