How To Communicate With People?


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Communicating with people is a very important thing that most of us do it in every day life. However, while communicating you have to take care of certain factors. First it is very important that you use short sentences. On an average your sentence should not be approximately 20 words. More often thy and use laymen terms. Avoid technical terms as much as you can. In other words use plain and simple English. One hidden point that you can even try and consider is each of your sentences should have a subject and one verb. Do not give too much explanation about anything. Just be very precise to the point you are trying to communicate.

If you communication is verbal try and be as much as polite as you can be. The golden thumb rule is To Listen First and Speak Last!
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There are few things more important than good communication skills, since it's hard to think of any lifestyle, work etc where you don't need them to some extent. Even if you work alone at a desk or machine all day, there is still some interaction with colleagues, bosses or customers - and also, being able to communicate well with friends and family is vital.

Good communication basically consists of knowing what you want to say and being able to convey it effectively. Simple to describe but hard to do! Even the first part is difficult - you can improve your communication quite a lot just by taking a minute, before you make a call or start a conversation, to think about exactly what it is you want to achieve here. Do you want to gain information or give it? If you have something unpleasant to tell someone, is there a more positive or helpful way to put it? If you want something, are you making it clear what you want?

The main things to remember are: Be polite, be honest (as far as the two go together.)
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You must be speak clear and easy to understand, and also with the eye to eye contact when your talking to them be friendly
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Simple talk the people

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