How Do People Communicate?


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The way human beings communicate can be broken into two main sections, verbal and non-verbal communication. Nowadays people also chose keep in touch through technology, particularly the Internet.

· Verbal communication

This is the most simple form of human correspondence and it is probably still the main way that humans chose to make contact with one another (despite the significant increase in online communication).

We communicate verbally with one another from the moment we are born e.g. The cry of a baby, and as we grow our speech becomes more sophisticated.

· Non Verbal communication

Often considered secondary to verbal communication, examples of non-verbal communication can include body language and gestures; the tone of a person's voice may also indicate their mood or emotion.

· Symbols

According to language experts, humans can communicate verbally and non-verbally whilst using symbols. Verbal communication such as sentences or single words can be seen as representing a particular state of affairs, which means that symbols can be open to interpretation or misinterpretation.

· Technology

Because of advancements in communication technology, humans communicating through electronic devices has become one of the main ways that people speak to each other. The expansion of social networking sites makes it possible for people all over the world to connect at the touch of a button. Text messages and instant messaging allow friends to communicate within seconds and the invention of video calling through programs such as Skype allow people thousands of miles away to communicate easily.

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