Why People Communicate?


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Communication is an integral part of life. Without communication we couldn't develop, progress and live. We use communication for numerous reasons, including;

- To persuade - this means communicating our desires and convincing people to do what we want. For example, a mother patting her child to stop crying, an advertiser displaying a model in a new t-shirt or a politician urging his audience to vote for him.
- To give or provide information - in order to tell someone something, an ability to communicate is essential. For example, a teacher tells the class how to conduct an experiment.
- To seek information - on a day to day basis, most people will ask questions about certain things to gain knowledge. Children are especially prolific at this and without questioning children would learn a lot less and would get confused by facts easily. Being able to communicate in order to ask questions is essential in terms of learning.
- To express emotion - being able to express how we feel is an integral part of life, without this basic function those around us would not know how to respond to us. Although this may not seem a big issue, imagine if you were angry about something and those around you ignored your feelings; it wouldn't be long before fights and wars would break out.

It is believed that all living beings communicate, the ways in which they do so are very different but it is equally as important. For example; rabbits communicate danger by stomping their back feet, this warms other rabbits in the area; dolphins communicate using corks and whistles and other animals use variants of sight, sound and scent to communicate in their very own way.
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People communicate because they wanted to know what the world is going on.By communicating you will know the happenings around you

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