What's Anatomical Location For Tibia, Femur, Humerus, And Radius?


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Both the tibia location and the femur location are in the leg, while both the humerus and radius are located in the arm.

  • Location of Tibia
The tibia, also known as the shank bone or shinbone, is located in the leg below the knee. It is the stronger, larger of the two bones in this area, and connects the ankle bones with the knee. The second, slightly smaller bone is known as the fibula. The tibia is recognized as being the body's strongest weight carrying bone.

  • Location of Femur
The femur, better known as the thigh bone, is the largest bone of the body. It is also the leg bone closest to the body in all vertebrates that are capable of walking or jumping. This includes land mammals, reptiles like lizards, birds and amphibians, such as frogs. Vertebrates with four legs only have femurs in the hind legs. The femur's head and the pelvis meet at the concave surface known as the acetabulum, where they form the hip joint.

  • Location of Humerus
The humerus is the long bone running from the elbow to the shoulder. It connects the lower arm, consisting of the ulna and the radius, with the shoulder blade, or scapula. It consists of two short processes, known as the tubercles, a narrow neck and a rounded head at the top. Its lower extremities consist of three fossae, the radial, coronoid and olecranon fossa; two processes , the trochlea and capitulum, and two epicondyles.

  • Location of Radius
The radius and the ulna are two large bones located in the forearm. The radius runs parallel with the slightly longer ulna from the elbow's lateral side to the thumb side, or inside, of the wrist. The radius is a long, prism-shaped and longitudinally slightly curved bone. It articulates with the ulna's head and radial notch and the humerus' capitulum.
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Tibia-Inner, larger bone of leg from ankle to knee.
Femur-Thigh bone.
Humerus-Bone of the upper arm.
Radius-Inner, larger bone of the forearm.
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Tibia is the "thicker bone" that articulates with the femur (thigh bone) and talus (most superior bone in the foot)  Tibia is also the medial bone in the lower leg (towards the left)

Fibula is the "skinnier bone."  Lies lateral to the tibia (towards the right)

Humerus is the arm bone that articulates with the glenoid cavity in the scapula (shoulder bone)

Radius is the OUTER/ Lateral bone of the Forearm.  In STANDARD anatomical position, with palms facing forward, the radius lies lateral to the ulna (to the right).

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