What Are The Steps In Collecting Data For Research Methodology?


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Explain the steps in preparing to collect ohs data and include discussion   about working out a sampling process and consultation as required
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Data collection while conducting market research can be the most painful process in the entire excercise. Data collection is very important because the best data analysis tools and techniques cannot extract the truth from data that has been fabricated.

The first step is to plan the entire research. This includes the team members who will be performing the various roles, the data to be collected, the analysis techniques to be used and the reports that need to be prepared. The selection of the data collector should be done with great care as a dishonest data collector can sink the entire ship. A lot of thought must be given to the design of the questionnaire. A list of the various data collection techniques need to be prepared. The manner in which the sample population is to be selected needs to be decided. Time lines need to be set with respect to the entire exercise.

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