Can You Describe The Hibiscus Flower?


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This flower is comes in many colors, ranging from pale pink to dazzling vermilion. Some are vibrant yellow, others clear orange. Rather than appearing in clusters, individual blossoms droop gracefully at the ends of long stems.

The hibiscus flower usually measures about four to five inches (10 to 13 centimeters) across, and has five petals that curl back from the center. As with color, the form of these petals varies considerably from plant to plant. Certain petals feature a slight frill, whereas others are deeply fluted. Some hibiscus flowers have double, rather than single, petals.

Hibiscus flowers serve many purposes. Some people work this plant into a hedge, so that blooms will poke out here and there at random. It is popular to pick hibiscus blossoms and float them in a bowl of water as a tablepiece. This is really no abuse of these beautiful flowers, for they last only twenty-four hours, whether picked or left on the bush. Compensating for such a short life-span is the fact that the hibiscus plant blooms constantly and heavily the year around.

The benefits of hibiscus are not limited to its flowers. From the seed pod of one variety comes the popular green vegetable "okra," used in soups and stews. Also, the same plant family produces a bud that serves as the basis for a refreshing cool drink called "sorrel."

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