How Does Air Pressure Affect Daily Weather?


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Air is always moving and the air pressure is measured using an instrument called a barometer.  Sometimes the air moves down, creating high pressure and good weather.  Other times the air moves up, creating low pressure.  This is usually when the clouds and storms arrive.  Weather describes conditions in the atmosphere at a certain place and time. Water, energy from the sun, and wind create a cycle of changing weather. The sun's energy warms the oceans and lands at Earth's surface, creating changes in the atmosphere that cause the weather. The temperature and movement of air can be observed and measured to determine the effect on cloud formation and precipitation. Recording weather observations provides data that can be used to predict future weather conditions and establish patterns over time.
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It is affected in many ways like weather and where you live.
Air pressure is mostly affected by rain and other kinds of stroms and precpiate
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Well I think air pressure affects daily weather because winds do flow from high to low. But at the same time they flow in a pattern.
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Primarily in wind flow patterns. Air is similar to water in that it will always try to find its own level, or in this case, equalise differences in pressure.

Thus, winds will tend to blow FROM areas of HIGH pressure TO areas of LOW pressure. The pressure difference between 2 geographical points in known as the pressure gradient, denoted on a weather map by isobars (lines joining places of equal air pressure). The steeper the gradient, the more tightly packed are the isobars and the stronger the winds.
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As great as the information is, This fails to address the question. Could you please make a connection for us to get a clearer understanding.
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Welcome to Blurtit. Firstly, I'm not a meteorologist. I merely sought to go some way towards explaining how diffeIences in air pressure create wind flows but I don't know enough about the subject to predict the type of weather systems they would carry. Granted you only joined today, but as yours is the first hint of criticism of the answer in 7 months, it's difficult to regard it as being discredited.
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Air pressure affects Daily Weather by causing rain and all other kind of storms hurricanes.

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