How Does Climate And Weather Affect Sport?


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Weather and climate affect sport badly. Each sport has suitable weather condition. Like soccer and cricket is played in sunny weather. Most of the time, the cricket game is stopped because of rainy weather. Soccer players feel hard to play in slippery ground.

Usually, outdoor games are affected by weather. Indoor games like badminton, table tennis, snooker, basketball, etc are not very much influenced.

It depends on which game you are talking about.
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Cold weather may increase your performance in outdoor sports. I am a regular jogger and I always enjoy this more when its cold outside. I see many people dressed up with too warm or too isolating clothing, and they get too hot easily. But a scientific fact is that the human physiology can stand (too) cold temperatures much better than hot ones.
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climate and weather affect outdoor sports mostly like baseball,soccer or lacrosse.

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Thunder and lightening affects golfers as they can get struck by lightening and freezing weather can have an influence on goals in football.

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