How Do You Make A Model Heart?


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There are a lot of instructions for a heart model out there but here is a simple example that isn’t realistic-looking but does show how blood circulates through the heart and is easily manipulated by kids.

Materials required:

A diagram of the heart for reference.

Four squarish plastic food storage containers, two slightly smaller than the others - a width of about 15cm would work. The boxes need to be pierced either beforehand or once the containers are taped into place so that the tubing can pass through snugly.

Flexible PVC laboratory tubing about 2.5 meters worth.

Adhesive packing tape (5cm wide).

Putting it together:

Lay the four plastic boxes down to form a rectangle. If you have used two smaller containers, these will go at the ‘top’ and represent the atria.

Tape the boxes together - not too tightly though, as you may need to make adjustments later. You now have the skeleton of the four-chambered heart model.

You need to figure out which container is going to be the right atrium (RA) bearing in mind that the heart’s right is going to be your left if you are standing in front it. At least one section of tubing needs to enter through a pierced hole at the top of the right atrium to represent the blood vessels.

Now we need to make holes to allow the tube to carry the fluid into the lower left chamber (LV). We are ignoring the fact that the fluid would normally leave the tubes and circulate in the ‘chambers’.

Thread the tubing through from the RA to the RV.

Now the blood is supposed to go to the lungs so we have to compromise. We need a hole to let the tubing leave at the bottom.

It is going to return to the left atrium (LA). In this model, the lungs are represented by a section of the tube that goes along the back of the model, curves around and enters the top of the LA. Tuck and tape the tubing under and between the lunchboxes.

Pierce holes to allow the tubing to enter the LV and leave again to go ‘around the body’.

You could also add a pumping mechanism if you wanted to take things one step further. For ideas and inspiration, why not view this demo video:
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Building a heart model can be quite a learning experience. The hand-made heart model can be of good use to students as well to professionals. The heart is the most precious organ of the human body and an amazing one at that. The heart model is usually made of imperishable polymer. It is painted appropriately to depict its various parts. The heart model has to have its parts labeled, numbered and described accordingly. The heart has three main modules which include the two arterial chambers, the mid-section which interfaces with the aorta and the two ventricular chambers.  

Making a model heart requires a considerable amount of expertise and specialization. You can examine a model at a biology lab, or buy one from .
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Thats what I have been trying to do for a very long time but there is a simple model I found it on a site I hope it'll help
For every 2 students
• wide mouth jar (plastic)
• balloons
• skewer
• two flexible straws
• scissors
• tub or pail to collect water spills
• sponge
Procedure1. Fill the jar half full of water. Cut the neck off of the balloon and stretch the balloon over the mouth of the jar so it fits tightly. Save the neck of the balloon for use instep three, below. With the skewer, poke two small holes into the stretched balloon, about 2 cm apart.

2. Carefully insert a straw through each hole in the balloon. The straws should fit snugly. If there are gaps between the straws an the balloon, start over with a new balloon.

3. Use the neck from the balloon to make a valve. The valve goes on the end of one straw as a flap. Secure lightly with tape. Bend down the straw with the balloon valve (see diagram). Place the jar in a tub or pail.
4. Push and release the balloon stretched over the jar several times.
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What you do is go to a craft shop and buy a kit.

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