What Are The Problems Of The Traditional File Environment.?


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Assuming you are referring to traditional file management systems in computers, there are a number of reasons that people may feel this way of organizing data has its problems. The file management system is rather like somebody organizing their paperwork in an office.

Often with organization, the system used makes sense to the person in charge but may appear chaotic to those on the outside as it is really only that one person who knows where files are stored. Like papers scattered all over a desk, there is often a waste of potential storage space and this is on of several criticisms aimed at the traditional file management system. Some of the issues include:
  • Data Redundancy is often seen as a fault of the file management environment as many complain that much of the data available in a computer remains un-used, mainly due to the slightly unorthodox way of storing files.
  • Lack of security is also seen as a problem with this system. Files can easily be moved or transferred or even renamed. With all documents being easily accessible, this makes it easy for a potential hacker to find documentation that is stored in one particular place.
  • There is also a concern that the traditional file management system results in a lack of consistency when it comes to storing data, though this very much depends on the user and the nature of the data they are filing.

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