How Do You Prepare DNA Samples For Electrophoresis?


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Electrophoresis pertains to the action of electrically charged substances under the influence of an electric field. Gel electrophoresis is a molecular biological device that is crucial to analyse DNA. In this kind of electrophoresis, chemical compounds and molecules are separated on the basis of their size and charge. The molecules which are negatively charged move toward the positive anode and vice-versa. The electrophoresis can be used for various DNA activities like DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting and genetics.

The student who conducts the Gel electrophoresis has to do three things:

• Prepare an Agarose Gel.
• Load DNA samples and run the Agarose Gel.
• Stain the DNA in the Agarose Gel.

Preparing an agarose gel is related to melting a specific amount of agarose in TBE buffer, cooling the solution, and putting it into the gel casting tray. Loading the DNA samples involves covering the gels with a buffer solution. Before loading the samples, the DNA has to be mixed with a loading dye. While running an agarose gel, understand that the DNA, which is negatively charged, will move faster toward the positive anode at higher voltage. Ethidium bromide is used for staining the DNA in the Agarose Gel because it is sensitive to DNA and can be seen in ultraviolet light.

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