Does Our Body Make New Blood?


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Blood is made through our bone marrow.  When our blood platelets are low, our bone marrow is supposed to make more red platelets to offset the loss from bleeding - cuts, surgeries, periods, etc.  Some people have a slower metabolism in the bone marrow and it is a slower process replacing the blood than others.      Have you lost a lot of blood?  Have you seen a doctor?  When my platelets were very low, I had an internal bleeding hemmerroid causing it.  After I had the hemmerroids stapled, my platelets improved.  If you are anemic - check the lower inner eyelid to see if it is red or pink w/white.  Red is fine, pinkish means you need extra iron in your diet so you need to purchase OTC ferrus sulfate tablets (Iron) pills and take one every day until the inner eyelid is red.  My pediatrician taught me this when my 3rd child was very anemic so that I could be sure if she needed the extra iron supplement or not.    If you are extremely fatigued and are wondering if you are having a loss of blood somewhere, you need to see a doctor.  He can determine what tests are necessary to see if you have a blood loss, sleep deprivation o some other ailment causing your fatigue.    I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and tire quite easily.  My platelets are within the guidelines, so am not worried about blood loss as being the cause.  When low blood platelets were the cause, though, I was more fatigued than normal.    Hope this answered your question.
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Yes the body is constantly making new blood but not necessarily in the bone marrow as most people would have you believe. In a healthy person, new blood is made in the crypts of intestinal villi which reside in the approximately 27 feet of our small intestine.

However, when acid from acidic food and drink choices, antibiotics, enzymes, and probiotics eventually damage or destroy the intestinal villi, our bodies can and do make blood out of a variety of cells in the body, including bone marrow.

The truth is, the body can make blood from all organs and all cells once it becomes sickly enough, but this is not the way it is designed, and thus not the optimum situation.

By the way. Everyone has about 5 liters of this stuff. To maintain, the body makes between 3 and 4 million new blood cells, and 11 to 13 million new body cells every SECOND!
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Constantly new blood is being made
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Yes, all the time. Red blood cells only live for an average of 120 days.

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