What Is Carbon Dioxide?


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Carbon dioxide is a compound made from the elements oxygen, and carbon.
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It seems that most of the comments cover CO2 as a gas and/or as a solid, but what about the liquid form?  Before someone jumps in feet first CO2 has no liquid state at pressures below 5.1 atmospheres. Once CO2 is dissolved (liquid state) in the blood it forms carbonic acid.
CO2 does at least two things for the body most important it regulates the distribution of Oxygen.  Second it is the bodies relaxer, it dilates the arteries , especially those in the brain, the heart, and the periphery (hands and feet).
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This is CO2.
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Manufactured goods of flaming after some petroleum, such as petroleum, swap gossip, lubricate, or timber, molder, it propel onward swap gossip keen on the nearby ambiance. These swap gossip, similar to atmosphere, are imperceptible, and were unidentified to us for an extended occasion. The head gas shaped by a blazing material is describing carbon dioxide (CO2) since it is collected of single fraction of carbon and two fraction of oxygen.

This swap gossip have the difference of life form the majority extensively dispersed gaseous complex of the whole earth; it is establish in the sea lowest point and on the mount height, in luminously lighted accommodation, and the majority in abundance in developed municipality anywhere industrial unit flue continually decant onward burning gases and burn.

Timber and petroleum, and in information all creature and vegetable substance, have carbon, and while these matter blaze or molder, the carbon in them fuse with oxygen and shape carbon dioxide.

The foodstuff which we consume is moreover mammal or vegetable, and it is complete prepared for physical employ by an unhurried process of on fire inside the corpse; carbon dioxide escort this physical on fire of foodstuff just as it escort the flames among which we are additional recognizable. The carbon dioxide therefore shaped within the corpse flees into the ambiance with the mouthful of air.

We observe that the basis of carbon dioxide is almost infinite, pending because it performs as of each range, heater, and candle, and additional among each inhalation of a livelihood person.
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There is now about 385 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere, which amounts to more than 3000 billion tons of carbon dioxide. Before the industrial revolution this amount was about 2000 billion tons. The world CO2 emission is now between 30 and 35 billion tons per year and going up. Europe and the US are doing their best to cut down CO2 emission by 10 -30 % in the coming years, This will however be very difficult, if not impossible and very costly. The sad thing is that this will not have any positive effect on the climate as the total amount of carbon dioxide will continue to increase. If we really want to influence the climate, the 3000 billion tons CO2 in the air should be lowered by (preferably) 1000 billion tons. So far this is impossible. Should we do nothing then? No, because the positive effect of lower CO2 emission is that finally the consumption of (fossil) fuel will go down..
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Carbon Dioxide is known as the chemical compound that is composed of only one carbon atom and two atoms of oxygen. It is very well known by its chemical formula which is CO2. The presence of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere of the earth is the lowest. The total concentration of the gas is approximately around 0.03 per cent to 0.06 per cent. This gas is said to be one of the most important 'Greenhouse Gas'. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 in its solid state is called as 'Dry Ice' it is one of the most important components of the carbon cycle.

The molar mass of Carbon Dioxide is around 14 g/mol (44.0095). The solubility of Carbon Dioxide in water is around 1.45 kg/m³. The molecular shape of the gas is 'Linear'. The crystal structure of the carbon dioxide is quartz like in shape.
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Here everyone has explained very nice way about Co2. Good work by everyone...

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