How Can Some Mixtures Be Separated?


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There are various methods that can be used to separate mixtures and it depends upon the substance you are being given as a mixture to separate the contents. Let's take the example of the mixture of salt and water. When you are to separate the mixture of these substances what you have to do is to boil the mixture for long time and this boiling makes the water to be evaporated from the mixture. When the process of evaporation completes you will find that only salt is left in the utensils that you have used to keep the mixture.

There are some other methods also that are being used to separate mixture. If you want to separate dirt from water you can use the filter method also and when you filter it the dirt remains in the object you are using as a filter and water passes through it.
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Mixtures can be separated in many ways. To name a few:
A: Filtration
b: Decanting
c: Centrifuging
d: Evaporation
e: Simple distillation
f: Fractional distillation
g: Chromatography
h: Solvent extraction

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