Is Evolution Continuing?


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An unquestionable Yes. Darwin's theory of gradual evolution over a long period by natural selection likely to produce descendants is a hallmark study. Even the science of evolution has evolved to later and modern discoveries of the cellular and molecular basis of genetics. I think of evolution as a perpetual clock of change. Evolution began the day the Earth was born, and will continue until it's eventual demise. This is my own opinion, and is as much a matter of dispute today as it was when it's concept was first promulgated. I have been in my share of debates with friends of varied religions and their churches dissension from the theory. Perhaps some day the church itself will evolve. Evolution is a constant.
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Maria Not Telling
I love ur answer
Keith Old
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It is Jackyll.
Midnite star
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Really can't argue your answer, Jack...Makes perfect sense & perfect logistics. An' if somebody doesn't like it...too bad !!
Give all the thumbs down U wish, ( n' I know who U R..) Can't hurt me a bit.
PPhhffffftttttttttttttt !!
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Sorry stridegum BUT Yes, evolution is continuous.  AS like all life, a speices only has so much time to be around in this vast universe.  No speices lasts forever in the universe. Man will one day be gone & another strain of life will inherit the earth until the earth itself is destroyed 3 billion of years from now. Rest assured, mankind won't be around by then.
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Yes.evolution will go on until the end of time
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Keith Old
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Thanks Willielad.
natalee ainttellin
Theres no such thing as evolution...evryone didnt just appear on this earth they didnt just appear by chance!!! Just listen. PLS someone put you and EVERYONE on this earth!!! Not a monkey or a fish "/
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Yes its a never stopping force it will continue well after humans leave this earth
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natalee ainttellin
WOWW!!!! Sooo not true
Maria Not Telling
Wow u have extreme religious belief but not all evolution is humans animals have evolved as well and that is hard scientific fact if u notice my answer does not say humans in fact i make a pointy of saying it will continue after we leave and if u believe that evolution doesn't happen even with animals than u need to look up ur facts
Maria Not Telling
Plus ur a 13 year old girl so u do not have the right to say one way or the other because ur ignorant and uninformed
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I'm not sure...But I sure know I have some super powered squirrels in my yard.
Caught some in rat traps & they escaped w/o noticeable harm. They even played dead when my neighbors dog shook it & threw it against the tree.....So we thought they were...Until we looked again several hours later & Poof !! They were gone.
Kinda scary...
So I'd say their Evolution has continued. Not sure about us humans.
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Yes evolution is continuing
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Yes but I think because technology is taking over,  our bodies will have little use for much more drastic change - except to accommodate the technology. I can imagine growing another thumb to better text a message with :)
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I believe that evolution was caused due to the radiation from the sun, but i think it should be continuing if you look at trends of people you'll probably notice an increase in a group of people and a decrease in another
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I believe evolution is still continuing and will never stop. If you look at all the different types of animals, plants, even clothes in the world you can see how they evolved and became more elaborate and diverse.
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I'd Like To Believe It Is.. Although  Human Behavior Is Regressing As Of Late With All The Corporate Greed. Cheating.. Lying And  Self Absorbed  Elected Officials  And CEOS
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Evolution will be a continuous process until the end of all life as described with biology.

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