Why We Are Not Get Properly Benefits Of Natural Resources Of Pakistan?


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We are not getting proper benefits of Pakistan due to the following reasons:

1. The economic condition of the country is not good due to which there is no foreign investment for the exploration of natural resources;
2. Due to the present political conditions & increased inflation no one invests his money;
3. The current extremism in the country doesn't allow any one to get proper benefits of the natural resources in the country;
4. A lot of Corruption at the top level doesn't allow the ordinary people to do so; &
5 Due to the increase in Taxes the exploration of natural resources is becoming very difficult & expensive.
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Because in our country, most of the people are illiterate... Even our govt is also not having so much awareness to utilize the natural resources...
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Actually we are not able to use this opportunity which we got from beloved god, although we are very hard working people all over the world yet we did not to improve our skills.
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Naturals resources are the gifts of the God but its bad luck for pakistan country that still only less than 1 or 2 percent uses.thats one reason behind it that the ministry of natural resources is fully takeover by non-technical person and also non-profissional person.they are came from theft Eng;Amanullah khoso

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