Which Countries Does The Rhine River Run Through?


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The river runs through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands.
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The river Rhine starts in the Swiss alps near the town of Schaffhausen by which you can also find the schaffhausen waterfall that is also the farthest point a ship can navigate up the Rhine from there it winds its way trough Switzerland along Basel towards Strasbourg along the french border trought Germany into the Netherlands Close to Arnhem from there it flows all the way toward Rotterdam after which it runs into the north-sea.
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It starts at the southern border of Switzerland. One of its latter tributaries originates in Val di Lei in Italy.

Both the tributaries meet near Reichenau and from Reichenau, the Rhine river flows north and forms the border between Liechtenstein and Austria on east side, and canton St. Gallen of Switzerland on west side. It then flows westward as the Hochrhein and passes the Rhine Falls and is joined by the Aare river.
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