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Byzantine is not actually the name of a place, in fact, it is the name of an empire, the Byzantine Empire. The term is traditionally used since the nineteenth century to refer to the Greek speaking extension of the Roman Empire which went on for a period of more than a thousand years into the Middle Ages, revolving around its capital city, Constantinople (or Byzantium.).
In particular specified contexts, it also describes the time period preceding the collapse of Western Roman Empire, also sometimes called the Eastern Roman Empire. However, there is no agreement as to the specific time period when the Eastern Roman Empire actually turned into the Byzantine Empire, the principal cause of these being that the residents of the empire merely continued to regard themselves as residing in the same Roman Empire instead of establishing a new empire.
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The word Byzantine means deceitful Greeks. There was a city called Byzantium later renamed Constantinople by the Roman empire currently modern day Istanbul. The Byzantine Empire was the Roman empire and an unbroken chain of emperors going back to the fall of the west. The Byzantine empire held much of modern Turkey the Holy Lands and the Balkans, later they would recapture Italy to include Rome also Egypt and going across north Africa all the way to Carthage and they took southern Spain.

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