What Is The Capital City Of Rwanda?


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Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. With an estimated population of 851,024, Kigali is the largest city in the country and also the centre of politics, administration and economy. The city was officially incorporated in 1907, when the country was still under the colonial rule of Germany and was declared the capital city of independent, post-colonial Rwanda in 1962.

Kigali is overshadowed by its very dark, recent past, when over 800,000 Tutsi and conciliatory Hutus were massacred by Hutu militias in 1994. The hills and ridges that surround Kigali were turned into veritable killing fields during the Rwandan genocide.

In terms of its economy, Kigali is an important centre of tin ore mining. More recently, tourism has increased and this is also helping attract more foreign investment to the city. Kigali is served by the country's largest international airport, with domestic flights, as well as international routes within Africa, and a small handful of routes to European cities, such as Brussels.

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