What Are The Sources Of Energy Used By The People Of India Today?What Could Be The Possible Source After Fifty Years From Now On?


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The main source of energy that is used by India is fossil fuels i.e. Coal, gas and oil, which is the same as most if not all of the world's developed countries. The use of wood as a fuel source is also one of the world's most popular choices.

The world's vast consumption of non-renewable fuel sources such as fossil fuels poses a great threat to the world as we know it for two reasons. The first reason is that when fossil fuels and indeed anything is burned, carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse gases' are released into the atmosphere which are, according to scientists, having a negative effect on our planet by steadily causing the temperature to rise. This results in the ice caps in the North and South poles to melt which not only raises the sea levels, which could cause many cities to flood, but it also disrupts the North Atlantic Current which provides the Northern Hemisphere with its stable climate. If the North Atlantic Current is disrupted too much it could have terrible effects on our climates.

In response to this growing threat, India, along with many other countries, is leading the way in research and development of new, alternative and renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. Because of its hot climate, the most widely used renewable energy source used in India is solar energy which works by converting the energy of the sun into electricity using solar panels.

Another commonly used source of energy in India is hydro energy which uses the force of rushing water (usually created by waterfalls or dams or other sources of the downward thrust of water) to spin turbines which creates electricity.

People all around the world are now demanding that the government put more money and time into researching alternative fuel sources so several others are now under development. These include wind energy from wind farms, the using of fuel cells, co-generation (a fairly new concept where two different energy types e.g. Heat and electricity are generated from the same source), energy from the deep beneath the Earth's crust and geothermal energy from geysers etc.
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As with most of the other countries across the world, the initial sources of energy in India were primarily the fossil fuels. However, there has been large scale problems due to constant usage of fossil fuels, the most common being the greenhouse effect, caused by the emission of greenhouse gases as a result of burning up these fossil fuels. Also, another problem with fossil fuels is that they are non renewable sources, i.e. There is a chance that we might end up using up all the available fossil fuels in the world. Therefore, all over the world, and also in India, the focus in recent years has been to look at alternative sources of energy that are replenishable.    Currently, India is exploring the usage of different options in terms of renewable energy sources. One such source of energy that you find being used extensively in India today is solar energy. Another is the usage of hydro-electricity, or the electricity generated from water. These are two of the most commonly used sources of energy in India today. As we go forward, the government is also looking at identifying and using other forms of renewable energy. These include wind energy, the usage of fuel cells, co-generation (a concept wherein two forms of energy, usually heat and electricity, are generated from a single source), geothermal energy, or the energy from the inner surface of the earth, etc.
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The present sources of energy used by the indians are wind energy, hydro power, solar energy, geo thermal energy & fossil fuels.
Possibilities 50 yrs from now- energy from renewable sources. Fossil fuels r not possible as they'd be extinguished.
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Wind energy
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Solar,wind,water,geothermal energy.people also use fossil fuels now but it will not be possible 50yrs later

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