What Are The Unconventional Sources Of Energy?


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Unconventional sources of energy include geo thermal energy, solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy etc. These energy sources differ from conventional sources like coal and oil which utilise fossil fuels to generate electricity.

These energy sources rely mostly on natural elements available abundantly and unlike conventional sources do not damage the environment at a corresponding scale. They do not release green house gases. Neither is the problem of disposing of spent nuclear fuel an issue nor is the large scale damage caused to the ecology of rivers and the ecosystems as in the case of dams.

Solar energy converts the rays of the sun into energy, wind mills seen in Persia since the seventh century converts wind into electricity, geo thermal energy uses the heat obtained from the earth's fissures and tidal energy utilise the natural action of advancing and receding tides to generate power.
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The unconventional energy means ann unending source of energy.
For example the sun an unending source, wind etc...
Just hop out of your house and watch out the surrounding, you yourself will find the answer,
As observation is anser to every question!
Then to some examples r-
solar energy
wind energy
tidal energy
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They are d resources which never deplete nd can be used over nd over!:)
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Sure, you've heard of wind and solar power, biofuels, hydroelectric,
tidal and wave power, but Mother Nature provides an endless bounty of
alternative energy sources beyond those that we use today. Clean, green
energy is all around us in the natural world, and scientists have only
begun to answer the question of how to tap it.

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Unconventional Energy not to be confused with renewable energy. For the
US unconventional energy sources are: Nuclear(which is not for many
other countries, e.g. France), bio-fuels, solar, geothermal and wind..
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There are various unconventional sources of energy like geothermal energy, wind energy, tidal energy and solar energy. These energy sources are different from the conventional sources of energy like coal and oil. Conventional sources of energy are usually limited and therefore, they will deplete soon. Therefore, the use of conventional sources of energy are promoted so that limited resources can be saved. There are various other sources of energy and they are used in various ways like tidal energy can be used for generating electricity. Dams are constructed to save the tidal energy. Solar energy is another form of unconventional energy and solar products like solar panels are getting very common nowadays. Moreover, wind energy is used to operate wind turbines. Similarly, other unconventional forms of energy are used in different ways.
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Resources which can be used @s an alternative to d conventional resources ! .. Like fuel and all which produce lot of pollution ! ..  !!! ... Which can be like rthe geothermal energy...wind energy ! ...solarrr energy !!!

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