What Is Cattle Farming?


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Cattle farming is defined as all those activities and aspects relating to raising calves for meat purposes. It is an all inclusive activity related to meet animal's care, housing, medication, feeding and management.

With the increase in Gross Domestic Product especially in low income countries, the demand for red meat is increasing which indirectly demands a better management of cattle to meet not the demand for red meat but also dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and yogurt.

In a Food & agriculture Organization (FAO) study: Livestock to 2020: The next Food Revolution , it is estimated that the global meat production and consumption will rise from 233 million tones (2000) to 300 million tones (2020) and milk from 568 to 700 million tones during the same period.

Cattle fattening enterprise is an agro based project. The calves mainly males of the age range between 9-10 months of age are feed on the concentrated feed and fodder produced from the agriculture land. Balanced feed is given to calves for a period of up to 120 days to get higher weight gain.

With increasing population demand at the international will surge which calls for better management of cattle farming at modern lines to create enough resources to meet the demand.
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Everything was right, but the terminology, a ranch is where you raise cattle. Unless you are farmer raising them for your own use or a little extra money, or your just using your extra grain because it's cheaper.

If it' your main product it is a RANCH!

I'm a real American Cowboy and WE DON"T milk cows!

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