What Is The Function Of Vitamins In The Human Body?


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Vitamins are very important because they perform various functions in our body. Vitamins promote the normal growth by providing metabolism and ensuring protection against the viruses. For the proper growth of the children vitamins are very important. Vitamins also help in the hormones formation, blood cells and formation of chemicals in our body. Vitamins are also required for metabolism and they create metabolically active enzymes which are very essential for various functions of our body. Vitamins also assist in forming bones and tissues. For knowing more about the functions of vitamins click on the link:

Functions of vitamins
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Vitamins are naturally occurring carbon compounds and are essential dietary factors. They are required in minute quantities for the maintenance of the normal health of an organism.

Vitamins are low molecular compounds. Their absence in the human body causes deficiency diseases and disorders. The human body can synthesise vitamin A from carotin .

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Vitamins are the small molecules obtained from food intake. These perform some essential metabolic reaction in our body. Absence of vitamins cause deficiency disorders. These are important for working of our body parts like eye etc.
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Vitamins encourage the body's normal growth, supply proper metabolism, ensure good health and protect against many diseases. Vitamins are needed for the body in small amounts for metabolism.

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They aid enzymes in doing their work as coenzymes
To aid in energy metabolism
Help to convert food into energy and play a vital role in the manufacturing of blood cells, hormones and the chemicals of the nervous system.
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