How Big Is Alabama In Square Miles?


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Alabama is a state which is situated in the southeast region of United States. It is also called as the Yellowhammer state. People also regard Alabama as The Heart of Dixie. The largest city of Alabama is Birmingham. The capital of this state is Montgomery. This state ranks 30th among the other states in U.S. It has a population of 4,550,000. It has Gulf of Mexico and Florida to its south, on the east is Georgia. As this shows state shows diversified interests in heavy manufacturing, high technology, education, health, agriculture; it is also considered as a powerful economic boosting source.    It also shows natural beauties which attract a large number of tourists all over the world. One of the famous ones includes "Natural Bridge", which is a long bridge extending towards the east of the Mississippi River.    It has a total area of 52,419sq miles (135,765km2)  having a length of 330miles (531 km) and a width of 190 miles (306 km).

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