Where Is Maverick Beach?


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What is popularly known as Maverick Beach is actually Maverick's or Mavericks which is a world famous surfing spot in Northern California. It can be found is around one-half mile (0.8 km to be precise) from Pillar Point Harbor, a little north of Half Moon Bay. It is between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

It was in early March in the year 1961 that three surfers, Alex Matienzo, Dick Knottmeyer and Jim Thompson decided to try out the waves in this area. A German shepherd by the name Maverick, belonging to a roommate of Matienzo accompanied them. Used to swimming with either his owner or with Matienzo, the dog caught up with them although left on the shore. As the surfing conditions were dangerous Matienzo had to tie him to the car.

The trio decided to christen the point after Maverick and it began to be called "Maverick's Point", and later on just "Maverick's. Surfind conditions can be hazardous and thus it is a top destination for some of the premier big wave surfers in the world.
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Maverick Beach is in North California.This beach was named in 1961 in honor of Maverick, a dog belonging to Alex Matienzo's roommate. Maverick loved the water and would swim here while Matienzo paddled out to catch the

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