How Big Is Nottingham In Miles?


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Nottingham is 28.007 squere miles!
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Nottingham is the name of a city located in the East Midlands in England. The mid point of the city is located on the River Leen and its southern border goes along the course of the River Trent. As per the population census conducted in the year 2001, the city housed an approximate number of 275,100 residents. The city of Nottingham is a part of the English Core Cities Group.

The city covers a total area of 28.807 square miles. Right in the middle of Nottingham City Centre the Old Market Square is situated, which was very recently redeveloped. The majority of the principal shopping streets encircle the square. The Council House, of which the dome is prominent for miles away, is above the square. The interior of the Council House is comprised of the Exchange Arcade, which is a shopping arcade.

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