How Big Is Mauritius In Miles?


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In normal circumstances we calculate the size of a country in accordance with the area it covers and in that respect the size of Mauritius is 2040 square kilometres and if we take this very figure, taking the mile as the unit of measurement, then the area stands at 787 square miles.

When we are talking about the area of a country it is sensible that we should talk of the location where it is situated. Giving that statement its due respect, we will find the country of Mauritius is an island in the Indian ocean and one of its closest neighbours is Madagascar that is located 900 kilometres on the western side of the country.

The capital of the country is Port Louis and the prime attractions for which people flock to this nation are its beautiful beaches.

Demographically, it is an amalgamation of various groups; you can find settlers from India and from Arab countries also. As every one takes his particular cuisine wherever he goes, you can find a variety of cuisines at this place.

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