When And Where Was The Smallpox Vaccination Invented?


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The smallpox vaccination was first invented in England in 1796.

Who Invented The First Smallpox Vaccination?
Edward Jenner from Gloucestershire, England, was the man who created the first smallpox vaccine.

How Did Edward Jenner's Smallpox Vaccine Work?
Jenner noticed that milkmaids, who often caught the cowpox virus, never caught smallpox. As cowpox was a lot less dangerous than smallpox, Jenner came up with the idea of infecting people with cowpox to protect them from smallpox.

Although this might not sound very nice, it was actually a brilliant idea, and one which has saved the lives of thousands of people.

What Is Smallpox?
Smallpox is a highly-contagious virus. Symptoms start off with what looks like a rash, but which quickly transforms into hundreds of raised, liquid-filled pimples. This is usually accompanied by a high temperature or fever.

Some types of smallpox only kill about 30% of victims, whereas other strains are nearly always fatal.

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