Where Are Nerves Located In A Body?


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As a matter of fact, nerves are spread throughout the human body. A human body has different organs, which are composed of tissues. These tissues, in turn, are made up of cells, all of which perform a great number of functions, differing from task to task with respect to a particular organ.

The three main categories of functions of cells are inclusive of secretion, which is the function of glands, contraction and expansion, which is performed by muscles and lastly the activity of conduction, which gets accomplished by the nerves.

Because nerves have a sensitive function of conduction and are spread all over the body, no part of the human body is resistant or indifferent to a particular stab of sensation, be it the result of an external effect or the outcome of an internal happening.

The nervous system is made up of two parts namely the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is the outside system that is in direct contact with any source that can ignite a sensation. As for the central nervous system, it is made up of the brain and spinal cord, two very important parts of the body. It is actually the central nervous system where the emotions and sensations are registered and reactions are shaped.
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All throughout the body... Duh... Where else would then be... Sitting on my back porch??

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