Explain What Is Primary Data?


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Variable is used to store values where the Department; they have names and data types. The variable data type determines how to represent these values of the bits stored in the computer's memory. In a statement, variables can also specify its data type. All variables have a data type, to determine what kind of data can be stored.
According to the default provision, if the statement did not specify the data type, would result in the variable data type is Variant. Variant data type, much like a chameleon - it can be on different occasions representing different data types. When you specify a variable as Variant variable, do not need to convert between data types, Visual Basic will automatically complete all the necessary conversions.
However, if you know a variable is indeed always store a specific type of data, and also stated that this specific type of a variable, then Visual Basic will be more efficient in handling the data. For example, store the variable name is best expressed as a String data type, because it was always by the characters.
In addition to variables, the data type is also used for other occasions. Assign to the property at the time, this value there is data type; function parameters have data types. In fact, Visual Basic, any data-related things with the data type.
The primary data type is the original data types.
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We often
come across the term primary data especially in research. Primary data is the
data that is collected by the researcher himself especially for the purpose of
the study at hand. It is collected through firsthand experience. This means
that if the person needs some data for the study then he/she collects the data
by using instruments and methods especially suited for the study and this is
done personally by the researcher.

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