What Are The Methods Of Data Collection?


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Data collection methods are an integral part of research design as shown in the shaded portion in the figure. There are several data collection methods each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Problems researched with the use of appropriate methods greatly enhance the value of research. Data can be collected in variety of ways, in different settings field or lab and from different sources. Data collection methods include interview, face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, computer-assisted interviews and interview through electronic media, questionnaire that are either personally administered send through the mail or electronically administered, observation of individuals and events with or without videotaping or audio recording and a variety of other multinational techniques such as projective tests.

Interviewing, administering questionnaire and observing people and phenomena are the three main data collection methods in survey research. Projective tests and other motivational techniques are also sometimes used to tap variables. In such cases, respondents are also sometimes used to tap variables. In such cases respondents are usually asked to write a story, complete a sentence or offer their reactions to ambiguous cues such as inkblots or unlabeled pictures. It is assumed that the respondents project into the responses their own thoughts, feelings, attitudes and expectations.
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Methods of data collection can be varied according to the data type which is going to be collected. All these methods might have their own merits and demerits. Behaviour Observation Check-list, knowledge test, opinion survey, performance tests, Delphi technique, Q-sorts, self ratings, questionnaires, time series, case studies, logs, journals, simulations, judicial review are some main methods of collecting data. Choosing the type of data collection method depends upon the data type. And their merits and demerits also vary regarding data type.

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