What Is The Name Of Heaviest Metal?


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There is a lot of debate on which is the most heavy metal on earth. Uranium has the highest atomic weight of naturally occurring elements and since the atomic weight of the metal is the deciding factor, Uranium is found to be the heaviest metal that occurs in nature. Its atomic weight is 238 and is approximately 70 % percent more dense than lead.

When refined it is a silvery white metal, is malleable, ductile and slightly paramagnetic. In its natural form it is an unstable material which breaks apart on its own at the atomic level and is therefore said to be highly radioactive.

Tiny amounts of uranium are found everywhere but it has been mined from countries like Canada, south-west America, Australia, parts of Europe and Soviet Union. In the last few years, uranium ore was discovered in Saskatchewan and now that has become the uranium capital of the world.

Uranium has only two uses; it can either be used in atomic bombs or in reactors. But its composition has to be changed before it can be utilized and that leaves a lot of radioactive residue. People who live or work near facilities that mine or process uranium may face health risks as it is a toxic metal.
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The heaviest metal found on earth naturally (not produced in a lab) is plutonium with an atomic weight of 244. Uranium's is 238. Lead is 207. Osmium is 190. Gold is 196. Mercury is 200. No other metal which occurs in nature has a higher atomic weight than plutonium.

Note: Even though plutonium was first discovered by creating it in a lab, it was later found naturally in uranium ore.
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Atomic weight does not necessarily indicate density. The densest naturally-occurring (i.e. Not transuranic) metal is Osmium, at 22.6 g/cc. Gold is 19.28, Uranium is 19.85, while Mercury is a relative lightweight at 13.534. The heaviest metal you'll typically come across in everyday use is Platinum, at 21.46.
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The question asked which is the heaviest, density is mass/volume. We usually say the weight of something/someone when asked how heavy it is. Weight is mass/gravity the metal with the highest atomic weight is the heaviest metal. Elements change density depending on temperature and are less dense, when heated and change from solid to liquid form, some metals are liquid at 'room temperature' or maybe it's just mercury?.. :)
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