What Is The Selective Barriers In Communication?


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A, a breakdown in communication

Abruptly interrupted by the interference of communication is the most common type of barrier. And this situation in the communication process may occur many times.

* Reading material, a colleague came and talk to you.

* Meeting with people, the secretary temporarily left her desk, when the telephone rang, whether or not you answer the phone, the talks have been interrupted.

* The meeting is speaking, someone raised his hand to ask questions. Whether or not to stop to let him ask questions, he has for you (the sender) and the participants (recipients) disruptive.

* During the talks, suddenly came out of the window of the alarm ring of fire engines. Even if you do not pay attention both politely outside disturbances, try to concentrate, but in fact still under the interference.

The elimination of such obstacles, be guided by the following steps

* Confirm their existence, do not deliberately ignore such interference.

* In the conversation was interrupted to continue to talk to before going on to repeat the earlier the case, identify the same as the other side and their own understanding of the situation.

* Reading to be disturbed, disturb the other disappears, re-read just read the content.

* Interference is too serious, can not continue to communicate, they should re-arrange the talks, read or write time of the report.

B, time limit

Time pressure - their own or each other's time limits, but also the common barriers to interpersonal communication.

Everyone is busy, or at least should be very busy. To communicate with others, people were more likely to be the next hour, tomorrow, or next week to do something completely forgotten. Therefore, this right to communicate the pressure is almost can not be completely eliminated.

How to reduce the time factor on the communication between the pressure? Please refer to the following steps.

* As the sender, should always pay attention to whether the other anxiety and to appease words.

* In the communication to be ready before the start of the time constraints, so as to avoid time pressure affected the effectiveness of communication. Such as "We want to open this meeting for an hour."

* Prior to formulate work schedules carefully. Do not put your schedule is too tight, it is best to leave some time for possible interference.

C, on the subject do not understand

The theme of the talk do not know enough, and is often caused by the sender and recipient of the gap between.

When the receiver because the subject does not know the sender do not know where the time comes, his response may be very worried, anxious to fill the gaps in the brain, daydream, or all three simultaneously.


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