Where Are The Kidneys Located?


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The kidneys are located next to the vertebral column at the end of the rib cage behind the abdominal cavity; one could say that they are located in the region that constitutes the middle of the back.

The kidneys are a pair of reddish brown bean shaped organs about the size of the person's fist with the left kidney occurring at a slightly higher position than the right kidney; the left kidney is situated next to the spleen, while the right kidney is situated near the lower part of the liver.

The kidneys act as the body's purifiers by filtering the blood and removing waste products that are then excreted as urine via the bladder; the filtering units of the kidney are known as nephrons. The things that could go wrong with the kidneys are related to its filtration system often caused due to other complications like diabetes; stones are sometimes formed in the kidneys which may obstruct the flow of urine.

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys which secrete hormones like adrenaline and cortisol dealing with the body's fight or flight reaction during times of stress.
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In the back. Near the spinal cord
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In your belly,located near the vertebral colum at the small back.
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Your kidneys are located near your spinal column on either side, at about the small of your back.  The left kidney is a little higher than the right kidney because it is behind the liver.
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I had a liver biopsy two weeks ago and started experiencing boating and stretching feeling in stomach. Also I have had some lower back pain near liver area.My doctor thinks it's gas. How long should I wait to go to doctor again. Thanks
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Your kidneys are located in your body not on your body, are your kidneys on your body, if so they are either on the outside or show up as your breast and nose and other body parts that are located on your body....the best to you

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