What Are The Communication Principles Of Ancient Times?


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The ancient world, both the East and West, depended heavily on oral communication. For example, in ancient and Greece and Rome, it was necessary to communicate well on one's feet when dealing with matters in government assemblies and the law courts. During the Medieval and Renaissance periods, the oral tradition continued. As writing became more important as a permanent record of communication, authors and books on written communication principles appeared.
Communication principles originating in the East, particularly China, are based on and connected with the importance of bureaucratic traditions. For centuries, Chinese political theorists were concerned with the problems of communicating within the vast government bureaucracy as well as between the government and the people. As early as the fourth century, these theorists were advising rulers and government's officials. Their advice stated that information should flow smoothly upward and downward. The theorists also encouraged rulers and officials to minimize bias and falsification of sources and to resist the influence of cliques and opportunists.
Hence, some of today's principles of writing are founded on a mixture of ancient oral and written traditions. Business communication is one offshoot from an earlier world where communicating well was a foundation of learning.

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